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If water analysis is your responsibility, your first analysis should start with CHEMetrics® self-filling reagent ampoules.These extraordinarily simple snap-and-read test kits actually have a lower cost per test than the laborintensive versions you may be using now. Measured either instrumentally or by visualcolor comparison, you can have accurate, reliable, quantitative results for over 45 analytes in just two minutes or less.

No Mixing. No Measuring.

No Mess.

Traditional methods often require sample and reagent preparation, multiple steps, and clean up. With the CHEMetrics systems, you simply immerse the ampoule in the sample, snap the tip, and quickly obtain dependable results.

Fewer Steps Means

Fewer Errors.

Because test preparation is virtually eliminated, our products reduce potential operator error. That saves retesting time and money. And CHEMetrics vacuum-sealing helps you avoid inaccurate results from stale or unstable reagents.


 Safer Testing.

Instead of handling chemicals and samples, you can reduce exposure significantly with CHEMetrics self-filling ampoules. Each contains a unit dose of pre-formulated reagent sealed in glass so that direct contact with chemicals is minimized.

Portable & Refillable.

Packaged with everything you need to run 30 tests, CHEMetrics products are compact and highly portable, making them ideal for fast, dependable analysis in the lab or in the field. And refill packs of 30 ampoules are always available with a single telephone call or online.

Our Reputation Is Your Greatest


CHEMetrics is known for more than quality products. Our reputation is built on customer service. Expert, prompt, and courteous support is always available from our Technical Services and Sales Departments. Our rigorous Quality Assurance Program makes certain that our products perform as you expect them to. Our innovative Research and Development Group continuously develops exciting new products to meet emerging water analysis needs. And we stand 100% behind every aspect of every product and service we provide.

 Dear Analyst,

For over thirty-eight years CHEMetrics has stood out from the pack because of one important characteristic: innovation. Our products have always provided faster, simpler, safer solutions to your water analysis needs, and we remain committed to continuing that tradition.

But providing test systems that save you time and make your work safer and easier is not our only forte; we are also known for the high level of quality and dependability of our products, the result of meticulous testing by our quality assurance staff. You can be sure of accurate, reliable results

whether you are working in the laboratory or out in the field, testing a single sample or dozens. Service, of course, is important to you, and it’s extremely important to us, too.

Our technical support staff is just a phone call or an email away, providing fast, helpful answers from knowledgeable, courteous people who are anxious to solve your testing problems.

You will also find that they are able to work closely with you to develop a test system that is customized for your particular application when one of our standard products is not well suited to your special requirements.

Whatever your need, please ask-we’ll do our best to be of service.

We realize that there are many firms to which you can turn for your water testing needs, but we are working hard to be your supplier of choice. If you are not already one of our many loyal customers, please give us the opportunity to demonstrate that we can provide the best combination of innovation, quality and service you can find anywhere.

With CHEMetrics, it’s not just about doing it well. It’s about doing it better.

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